Worth knowing about cookies at sandergruppen.com

Sander Gruppen uses cookies at sandergruppen.com.
If you don’t know cookies, it's small harmless text files that contain little information, which can be used for different things.

Sander Gruppen uses cookies to get to know our visitors better, by making statistics about which pages our visitors look at the most. We use Google Analytics, and in order for Analytics to show us the statistics, Analytics and the company behind Google must have access to cookies from the page.

In addition, we use cookies for advertising to interested visitors. To that we use a so-called Facebook Pixel and a Linkedin insight tag, and like the statistics, Facebook and LinkedIN must have access to cookies to facilitate the advertisement.

Our emails sometimes contain a link, which is generated by a tool called Visitor Tracker. It tells us when You have visited the site the email links to.

Finally, we notice that all companies under the Sander Gruppen have access to cookies from sandergruppen.dk.

Retrieve consent

If you have regretted to consent to the use of cookies, you can do this in your browser. It's also here you can delete cookies already loaded on your device. To withdraw your consent, remove cookies and set your browser to do not save cookies in the future. Please note that some pages on the web may not work properly if you do not allow cookies.

Exactly how it’s done depends on the specific browser you are using.

Below you will find links for helping you finding cookies, in the settings of the most popular and used browsers:

If you are using a browser other than those mentioned, you are encouraged to seek help on the browser's website or possibly the provider of the browser's website.