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Privacy Policy and protection of personal data

The data protection policy applies to Sander Gruppen.
Sander Gruppen consists of the following companies:

Sander Design A / S
CompoTech A / S
Nova-sign ApS
Mersalg.dk ApS

The policy will help to ensure and document that Sander Gruppen protects its personal data in accordance with the rules for processing personal data. The policy also contributes to Sander Gruppen informing about the processing and use of the registered personal data.
The policy is reviewed each year.
List of processing of personal data
Sander Gruppen processes personal information about:
- Employees
- Customers
- Suppliers
Sander Gruppen has prepared a list of the processing of personal data. The directory gives an overview of the treatments for which Sander Gruppen is responsible.

The personal information is a prerequisite for Sander Gruppen to enter into employment, customer and supplier contracts.

Purpose and legality of treatment
The personal information is processed and archived in connection with:
- Personnel administration, including recruitment, hiring, resignation and payment of salary.
- Data for customers as well as orders and sales.
- Data for suppliers and requisitions and purchases.
- Contracts.

The treatment is legal under the authority as stated in the attached list.
Sander Gruppen does not use the personal data for purposes other than those listed. Sander Gruppen does not collect more personal data than necessary in relation to the fulfillment of the purpose.

Storage and deletion
Sander Gruppen has introduced the following general guidelines for storing and deleting personal information:
- Personal information is stored in physical folders.
- Personal information is stored in IT systems and on server drives.
- Personal data is no longer stored than is necessary for the purpose of the processing.
- Personal data for employees is deleted five years after the end of employment, and personal information about applicants is deleted after six months.

Sander Gruppen has implemented the following security measures for the protection of personal data:

- Only employees who have a work-related need for access to the registered personal data, have access to it either physically or through IT systems with rights management.
- All computers have passwords and employees must not leave their passwords to others.
- Computers must have firewall and antivirus software that is constantly updated.
- Personal data is properly deleted by phasing out and repairing IT equipment.
- USB keys, external hard drives, etc. with personal data must be stored in a locked drawer or cabinet.
- Physical folders are located in locked offices or locked cabinets.
- Physical folders with employee contracts, etc. is locked in safe.
- Personal information in physical folders is deleted by shredding.
- All employees must receive instructions on what to do with personal data and how personal data should be protected.