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Sander Gruppen, consisting of Sander Design, NovaSign, CompoTech &, has been working intensively to launch a common, strong business base, as a complete supplier of store fittings, luxury fixtures, signs & merchandise.

Sander Gruppen covers everything from shop in shop solutions and sales displays, to exterior signs, luxury inventory and merchandise of all shapes.

Consultants, designers & coordinators work close to the vision, being the market's preferred total supplier.

Sander Design, Denmark's leader in producing shop in shop solutions & shop fittings, has delivered solutions for primarily the Danish and Norwegian markets for over 30 years.

NovaSign, a modern signage company. Experts in visibility, deliver pylons, portals and light signs.

CompoTech delivers on its 26th year, luxury fixtures, exhibition stands and special millings in 3D foliated wood, as well as kitchen/bathroom fronts. solves all merchandise tasks - quality, low prices and fast delivery are keywords in

With its own metal production and wood factory, Sander Gruppen ensures high quality and fast delivery times.


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