Exclusive details with 3D foliation


Have you thought about what it is so amazing about 3D foliation?

We will give you the answer here!

Foil is an extremely exclusive finish on your product.

The foils are available in many thousand variants, including matte, high gloss, texture, wood, rubber etc.

With CompoTech's high-tech machines, it is possible to vacuum pack the foil completely close to the product, e.g. CNC machined components of MDF, as shown in the picture.
The image shows a CNC machined surface, which is finally assembled to podiums at an exhibition stand.

Unlike a lacquered surface, the foil does not crack by impact- it stays flexible and is incredibly resistant.

The foil also ensures that no corners are seen, as it is pulled around the corner, and leaves no visible collections.

Even better is the price. Painting is on average DOUBLE as expensive as foil.
The foiled items can be used for eveything. Exhibition stands, shop in shop, displays, disks, etc.

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