7 brains, 150 years of experience!


Along with a photo session of Sander Gruppens employees, the management of Sander Gruppen chose to capture a remarkable milestone of 150 years of experience.

More than 30 years ago, Sander Design was founded by Bent Sander and Managing Director Torben Sander - since then, opportunities, customers and experience have only grown.

Many skilled and competent people have been a part of Sander Gruppens development since its inception, and have been predecessors for a strong business base, today developing solutions for more than 500 companies.

Sander Gruppen adheres to the standards, values ​​and processes that were defined more than 30 years back - and for good reason.

Sander Gruppen is traditionally bound and consists of 100% loyalty and committed employees.

Rear from left:

Flemming Timmermann: Sales Manager - Head of Region Sjælland

Thomas Angel: Smith - Responsible for the development of all prototypes.

Center from left:

Torben Sander: Founder & Managing Director / CEO of Sander Gruppen

Diana Jørgensen: Chief Financial Officer at Sander Gruppen & Chief Accountant at NovaSign A/S

Carsten Maaberg: Sales Director - Responsible for Region Jylland & Responsible for all consultants

Front from the left:

Henrik Jacobsen: Project Coordinator - Responsible for all calculations & processes

John Jonassen: Supervisor - Responsible for the Sander Group's Lithuanian production

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