Premium Pet Products

Premium Pet Products distributes Norway's most popular cat litter - Ever Clean.
Ever Clean is delivered on pallets and often has no fixed location in the stores. John Magne Kibsgaard, Sales Manager from Premium Pet Products wanted to change that; "We know Ever Clean is the best product on the market, and therefore it deserves a great location in the stores. We therefore entered into a partnership with Sander Design, so we could develop a display solution with them. "

135 stores have the display solution

Already 135 stores has the display with Ever Clean cat litter. Including Dyrego Zoo, which is located on the 4th floor in the shopping center "Oslo City". The location is remarkable, because customers have to carry the heavy boxes down from the 4th floor again. In spite of that, the store sells 3 tons of cat litter per year, and the display solution has increased sales by more than 15%.

Monica Lien, Market Manager for Ever Clean - Premium Pet Products

To the overview

Sander Design has been very good advisers for us and has listened to our wishes. We know from our statistics that sales in the stores that has the display solution, have risen by 15%. We are very pleased with that.
Monica Lien, Market manager for Ever Clean - Premium Pet Products