For many years, NORDLUX has used Sander Design, in close cooperation with our wishes and ideas, to develop and produce shop solutions for our lamps.

Recently, we have established new showrooms in respectively Belgium & Aalborg.

I have to say that it has been a pleasure to work with Sander Gruppen as a supplier of podiums, backboards and ceilings - both in white and the new 'driftwood' look for our outdoor lamps.

In both cases, there have been very short delivery times, as we ourselves have been under pressure regarding the drawings and delivery of carpets, etc.
In spite of this, all products & deliveries have been completed satisfactorily!


Kurt Kristensen - Key Account Manager, NORDLUX

To the overview

Sander Design is very flexible and strong on prototypes and actual production.
Kurt Kristensen - Key Account Manager, NORDLUX