Mac Baren Tobacco Company

Mac Baren Tobacco Company has got 100% targeted displays for border shops, produced by Sander Design, the display solutions are exclusive. They contain screens with commercials that bring great attention.

Marketing Coordinator Michael Kløcker from Mac Baren Tobacco Company tells us about the display solution: "We contacted several display companies, but chose Sander Design because they seemed professional, were good at findings creative solutions to our presentation, and also the price was competitive. The cooperation regarding the development of the 5 varieties of displays that we offer the stores, has been very good. Sander Design measured the stores themselves, and mounted the display solutions as well. I think that's a good service and a professional handling. "

Reflection on display solutions

Display solutions are already implemented in both Fleggaard, Calle, Priss and Fakta Germany, and it demonstrates a solution that works. In addition to the 5 size variations, the solution has been further refined in some stores to fit 100%. All solutions have LED lights under shelves and expose the Mac Bar, Opal rolling tobacco, cigarette paper and rolling machine.

Michael Kløcker, Marketing Coordinator of Mac Baren Tobacco Company

To the overview

It is my conviction that the sales has increased, as we have experienced empty shelves. With the display solution, we also have a much better exposure in the stores.
Michael Kløcker, Marketing Coordinator fra Mac Baren Tobacco Company