Creativ Company

Creativ Company started collaborating with Sander Design a little over 3 years ago and the collaboration has evolved from store fittings to display and shop-in-shop solutions. Recently, Sander Design has developed a super flexible display system that matches the very varying demands of retail stores.

Since 2000, Creativ Company has moved from sales to the Danish market, to 8 sales companies throughout Europe and delivery to hundreds of retail stores. Creativ Company sells art, and "do it yourself" items to a wide range of toy stores, bookstores, hobby shops, etc. Creativ Company also supplies 50% of all schools in Denmark, with no less than 12,000 item numbers and a main catalogue of 432 pages.

A flexible display system was the solution

Many of the items are part of a concept. That may be invitations, table cards, jewelry, paintings, etc. To provide an overview of the items, and to show the consumer possibilities, it is important that the items are exposed in the right way, so it makes a nice and easy overveview. Therefore, Sander Design went on to develop displays that could meet the many demands.

A qualified partner

Michael Lauritsen, Key Account Manager for the BtB Market at Creativ Company, says: "We choose "focus displays", which we call Sander Design's displays, because the stores need to be able to conceptualize our products.

At the same time they need to be able to use the display over and over again - often in other contexts - and the display must be able to hang on the wall and also stand alone. In addition, it is important that the displays are not too expensive because we sell items that cost almost nothing. Items must hang together and it should be possible for us to deliver displays with almost no cost. Sander Designs displays meet these requirements. We are very pleased with that."

Michael Lauritsen, Key Account Manager for BTB Market - Creativ Company

To the overview

It is important for us that we not only have a supplier, but a partner we can develop new solutions with, and we have that partner in Sander Design.
Michael Lauritsen, Key account manager for BTB market - Creativ Company