Aclima, Sander Baltic and Sander Design have developed this simple display, focusing on elementary elements that clearly symbolize what Aclima is - close to nature!

Eg. Figure-cut logo in veneer.


"For three generations we have been an important and competent Norwegian textile manufacturer.

The experience and knowledge we have gathered through generations is priceless in our work to keep people dry and warm.

Our special climate presents some challenges that we feel should be solved the best possible way.

Our focus ranges from clothes to children in kindergarten, to flame retardant and insulating underwear to the soldiers in the army.

Our vision is to make more people feel comfortable outdoors - make it good to be out!

This is realized through our business concept; "Aclima will combine knowledge about market needs, fiber composition, knitting and design to develop and sell functional underwear for outdoor use."

Aclima specializes in wool underwear. Merinould provides the best comfort in most weather and temperature conditions and for most activities.

Wool has a unique ability to keep you warm even if you get wet. With our range we have made comfortable and durable products that provide the best sweat transport. Function has always been the first priority, but we are also interested in knowing how you feel when using it - if you like the design, or have other suggestions for us, so we can get even better.

Aclima is located on Krøderen, Buskerud just off Norefjell. This is a good area for product development and testing our products summer and winter. Aclimas collection covers outdoor activities for the whole year with underwear, middle layers, socks and hats, making you and your family happy when you're out. "

- Aclima A/S

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