SELECT Sport A/S is one of the world's leading ball manufacturers and has its headquarter in Glostrup, Copenhagen, Denmark. The annual production of balls is around three million, and the company is represented with its own sales organization or distributor in many parts of the world, as well as being exported to more than 50 countries.


The collaboration with Sander Design began more than 20 years ago, and along the way, many designs have been produced, based on one simple issue: Create high exposure and retail sales in limited space!

The big sports brands occupy 75% of the sales areas in the sports shops, the 25% left is distributed among the remaining sports companies. On that basis, Select Sport sought a sparring partner that could create more sales!

The newest design is a ball-display, used to present the game ball in more than 350 EU matches across the league, including the EHF Champions League and Alka Superliga.

The functions in the display are many, the top contains a hole for resin, and the top can be taken off and put on the court table.

The function of removing the top, is also used for football.

The top is painted, in this case "double hand" in gold, and is awarded as e.g. top scorer.

The championship display is represented in several countries, including Sportmaster & Stadium, and the feedback on both displays and awards has been very positive.


As something extraordinary, SELECT Sport and Sander Design, created a display for a new product - Maxi Grip, a new non-stick resin that does not damage the skin on the hands - the idea was developed to spare the youngest players for damaged hands.

The pictures in the gallery to the right speak for themselves!

Jan Gubi Wichmann - Marketing Director SELECT Sport

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Select Sport sought a sparring partner that could create more sales! The collaboration has lasted for more than 20 years.
Jan Gubi Wichmann - Marketing Director SELECT Sport