D. 11/12/2018


For a few years, we have been trying to establish an area of ​​permanent branding in some of the border stores.

We have had several different solutions, but either we or our customers have not been satisfied or have not been financially approved.

Our cooperation with Sander Gruppen started with simple things, as small displays. 

Recently they made a bid on a solution for one of our border customers. After a couple of tries, we found the right solution.

We wanted to achieve uniformity across our different brands, but also a flexible solution on which we can change the message, for example at a launch.

We have achieved that by setting up light frames where we can change the canvas, and quickly create a completely new environment.
The black background makes the products stand out and collects them at the same time.

In addition, we mounted three large luminous cans, which ensures that our products can easily be found.

Our customer liked the presentation and we were awarded a new and much better placement in the store. We have not only achieved a better placement in the category but now have a dominant position in the store, and it's easily navigated to - the "CULT corner"

After establishing this corner we have received more inquiries from other customers, who also want a special made solution, we have already established store number two.

The commercial film here shows the environment that has been created.

Chris Frey Etefors - Trade Marketing Manager, CULT


D. 05/10/2018


For many years, NORDLUX has used Sander Design, in close cooperation with our wishes and ideas, to develop and produce shop solutions for our lamps.

Recently, we have established new showrooms in respectively Belgium & Aalborg.

I have to say that it has been a pleasure to work with Sander Gruppen as a supplier of podiums, backboards and ceilings - both in white and the new 'driftwood' look for our outdoor lamps.

In both cases, there have been very short delivery times, as we ourselves have been under pressure regarding the drawings and delivery of carpets, etc.
In spite of this, all products & deliveries have been completed satisfactorily!


Kurt Kristensen - Key Account Manager, NORDLUX


D. 03/10/2018


In the preparation of a shop in shop concept for Silvan, I examined the market to find the best players within retail development. The choice fell on Sander Design, as they quickly found a solution, and knew how the individual displays should present the products.

From the first ideas to the final presentation, approved by Silvan, there was close dialogue between the parts involved, so we ensured that the ideas could actually be implemented. As execution had to take place, Sander Design had arranged packing of the inventory so that they were distributed to each store, according to the plan, in collaboration with Aduro's logistics department.

The final result in the stores has been really well received by the employees and, not least, the customers! Thus, it is with great satisfaction that this task has been completed. Thanks to Sander Design for well done work!


Jesper Franzen - Nordic Sales Director, Aduro


D. 25/06/2018


SELECT Sport A/S is one of the world's leading ball manufacturers and has its headquarter in Glostrup, Copenhagen, Denmark. The annual production of balls is around three million, and the company is represented with its own sales organization or distributor in many parts of the world, as well as being exported to more than 50 countries.


The collaboration with Sander Design began more than 20 years ago, and along the way, many designs have been produced, based on one simple issue: Create high exposure and retail sales in limited space!

The big sports brands occupy 75% of the sales areas in the sports shops, the 25% left is distributed among the remaining sports companies. On that basis, Select Sport sought a sparring partner that could create more sales!

The newest design is a ball-display, used to present the game ball in more than 350 EU matches across the league, including the EHF Champions League and Alka Superliga.

The functions in the display are many, the top contains a hole for resin, and the top can be taken off and put on the court table.

The function of removing the top, is also used for football.

The top is painted, in this case "double hand" in gold, and is awarded as e.g. top scorer.

The championship display is represented in several countries, including Sportmaster & Stadium, and the feedback on both displays and awards has been very positive.


As something extraordinary, SELECT Sport and Sander Design, created a display for a new product - Maxi Grip, a new non-stick resin that does not damage the skin on the hands - the idea was developed to spare the youngest players for damaged hands.

The pictures in the gallery to the right speak for themselves!

Jan Gubi Wichmann - Marketing Director SELECT Sport


D. 12/06/2018


Aclima, Sander Baltic and Sander Design have developed this simple display, focusing on elementary elements that clearly symbolize what Aclima is - close to nature!

Eg. Figure-cut logo in veneer.


"For three generations we have been an important and competent Norwegian textile manufacturer.

The experience and knowledge we have gathered through generations is priceless in our work to keep people dry and warm.

Our special climate presents some challenges that we feel should be solved the best possible way.

Our focus ranges from clothes to children in kindergarten, to flame retardant and insulating underwear to the soldiers in the army.

Our vision is to make more people feel comfortable outdoors - make it good to be out!

This is realized through our business concept; "Aclima will combine knowledge about market needs, fiber composition, knitting and design to develop and sell functional underwear for outdoor use."

Aclima specializes in wool underwear. Merinould provides the best comfort in most weather and temperature conditions and for most activities.

Wool has a unique ability to keep you warm even if you get wet. With our range we have made comfortable and durable products that provide the best sweat transport. Function has always been the first priority, but we are also interested in knowing how you feel when using it - if you like the design, or have other suggestions for us, so we can get even better.

Aclima is located on Krøderen, Buskerud just off Norefjell. This is a good area for product development and testing our products summer and winter. Aclimas collection covers outdoor activities for the whole year with underwear, middle layers, socks and hats, making you and your family happy when you're out. "

- Aclima A/S

Playground marketing

D. 04/05/2018

Playground marketing

At Playground Marketing, we once again had the pleasure of working with Sander Gruppen in our involvement in the Spies campaign "The Home Weather Machine", which we were developing.

When we get called (in this case by Robert Boisen & Like-minded) with a wild idea, to be realized in a relatively short period of time, it's essential to us with reliable and creative collaborators who manage to think out of the box (also when, literally, a box is what we are building), and that has its crafts in order.

Sander Gruppen completely contributed to the idea, and helped us design the physical box that could accommodate all our hardware (rain, fog, snow, cold systems, etc.) being water resistant, being able to be separated, packed and flown with freight aircraft and eventually gathered on a beach in Thailand.

We could not be more satisfied with the result and we are already looking forward to our next project with the Sander Gruppen.

Watch the video of "The home weather machine".


Lasse le Dous - Partner in Playground Marketing

Swedish customer - Kitchen renovation

D. 16/02/2018

Swedish customer - Kitchen renovation

*This case has been made confidential, in accordance with our collaborator. Names of people, colors, etc. will therefore not be published. The pictures speak its obvious language.

CompoTech renovates kitchens in the north with a focus on sustainability, and according to customers themselves, it is a great success.

*The client* publishes its new color collection, with ten earthly shades. Each color is selected, inspired by the surroundings in Swedish nature.

"We define our own colors in a beautiful, unique collection, which we strongly believe in."

The colors are of the highest quality with a beautiful matte finish. *The customer's" business concept is based on renovation of old kitchens. The environmentally friendly approach has become a great success.

"We replace the elements in less than one day because we reuse most of the old kitchen," says Product Manager for the company.

The new collection based on sustainability, has a wide range of beautiful tones, from soft dark colors to trendy tones of greige, and a spectrum of blue shades.

Each color has been named from elements in the swedish nature.
"The earthly color scheme in the collection creates calm in the kitchen, where we spend so much time," the product manager concludes.

CompoTech CNC mills and foils kitchen fronts, doors etc.

Product Manager for the Swedish customer.

Backyard Living

D. 07/02/2018

Backyard Living

In spring 2017, we were a completely new business and was in need of all POS material to represent Napoleon Grill to our customers in the construction industry. We had several banners made at and have been pleased with the result. There was good customer service and we will gladly use their service again if needed.

Sophie Svenstrup Pedersen - Marketing Coordinator, Backyard Living


D. 25/09/2017


Toms and Sander Gruppen has collaborated for more than 10 years. Sander Gruppen can deliver the types of display and inventory solutions Toms need, which is easy for our sales consultants to work with, there is a good sparring between us and Sander Design.

What we emphasize with the products we have, is that the solutions Sander Gruppen develops, should be flexible, have the quality and stability we want, and we are happy that the delivery time agreed, is always on point.

Sten Dahl, Trade Promotion Manager - Toms


D. 11/08/2017


Our cooperation began with the development, design and production of a functional, stable and innovative display solution. There was an urgent need for a producer who could meet the demands we have on quality and flexibility, after Bodylab last year, entered into a new collaboration with a large Danish fitness chain.

There has been a lot development since our first prototype, and today we have developed several displays.

One of the things we pay particular attention to, is the flexibility available on all our displays. The need for each display has been that it must be able to keep up with our high pace when it comes to general product development.

One of the most important needs we have had in relation to our display solutions, was that the fitness centers could "lock" the display down when staff is not around. This we found a very good solution for, as branded sleeves were made for all displays.

In addition, there are details as storage space inside the display, wheels and the possibility of mounting spikes for new items.

It all depends on the functionality, detail and runtime on the solutions. This has been highly achieved in the cooperation with Sander Design.

Niclas B. Uttrup - Sales director, EMEA - Nutrinord

IC Company

D. 30/06/2017

IC Company

I have known Henrik for several years - we first met in a matter of business, where we delivered solutions to the same customer, HAY, and since that we have developed some unique solutions together.

I am an architect and have for many years made a living in making inventory solutions for large Danish companies, including Bestseller, Pieces & VILA.

Henrik, CEO of CompoTech and I, would design a surface and special corners on store podiums and shelves that could handle daily tear.

We tested several combinations, cutouts, etc. Thanks to a great knowledge of wood and structure, we got a good sparring in progress.

The advantage of the solution we created is that the rounded corners in combination with foil make up a resistant assembly. Furthermore, the rounded corners are a great advantage, as the foil can be pulled all the way round the corner and should not be assembled by two pieces.

Together we have created a luxurious and resistant surface, which is also affordable.

In this case, the solution is applied to IC Company flagstore in Copenhagen.


Leif Jørgensen - Owner of Leif Jørgensen Architects ApS

XL Byg

D. 25/04/2017

XL Byg

I found through my local network - I wanted to find a cheap but professional supplier that continuously delivers good quality that always matches the price.

My plan is that I want to change our banners once a month, and therefore it's a must to have a short delivery time, as there often is a short time from idea to execution - and is reliable on this.

I am pleased with the dialogue with, they often have a good input for setup, or messages that capture the customers.

I always get good results and the graphics are great - so I'm satisfied!

Tina Skov - Owner of XL Byg Søften

Hinnerup Optik

D. 27/03/2017

Hinnerup Optik

When the process of new signages began, I first found a signage supplier that unfortunately could not deliver the desired corona light, and soon I became familiar with NovaSign through my local network.

I'm really excited about the result and I am already thinking about new projects for NovaSign.

The time gap from when i ordered the sign until it was mounted was only 3 weeks - so it is very satisfying, and especially positive, that NovaSign is a local supplier - I strongly support local businesses.


Lars Enøe - Owner of Hinnerup Optik

Creativ Company

D. 03/02/2017

Creativ Company

Creativ Company started collaborating with Sander Design a little over 3 years ago and the collaboration has evolved from store fittings to display and shop-in-shop solutions. Recently, Sander Design has developed a super flexible display system that matches the very varying demands of retail stores.

Since 2000, Creativ Company has moved from sales to the Danish market, to 8 sales companies throughout Europe and delivery to hundreds of retail stores. Creativ Company sells art, and "do it yourself" items to a wide range of toy stores, bookstores, hobby shops, etc. Creativ Company also supplies 50% of all schools in Denmark, with no less than 12,000 item numbers and a main catalogue of 432 pages.

A flexible display system was the solution

Many of the items are part of a concept. That may be invitations, table cards, jewelry, paintings, etc. To provide an overview of the items, and to show the consumer possibilities, it is important that the items are exposed in the right way, so it makes a nice and easy overveview. Therefore, Sander Design went on to develop displays that could meet the many demands.

A qualified partner

Michael Lauritsen, Key Account Manager for the BtB Market at Creativ Company, says: "We choose "focus displays", which we call Sander Design's displays, because the stores need to be able to conceptualize our products.

At the same time they need to be able to use the display over and over again - often in other contexts - and the display must be able to hang on the wall and also stand alone. In addition, it is important that the displays are not too expensive because we sell items that cost almost nothing. Items must hang together and it should be possible for us to deliver displays with almost no cost. Sander Designs displays meet these requirements. We are very pleased with that."

Michael Lauritsen, Key Account Manager for BTB Market - Creativ Company


D. 03/02/2017


We needed a signage supplier, and we found a partner in NovaSign, who took responsibility for the development of our new exterior and interior signage. Throughout our dialogue with NovaSign we were challenged on our thoughts and ideas, resulting in better solutions than we first expected.

Gert Lindquist - Chain Manager - Eventyrsport

Friends and Brgrs

D. 07/02/2017

Friends and Brgrs

We got in contact with NovaSign through another contact. NovaSign supplied our restaurant in Copenhagen with all the signs we needed. We are very satisfied with NovaSign as a supplier. Their quality is outstanding and they delivered just on time. And very friendly service which makes it a pleasure to work with them.

Peter Fagerholm, CEO & CO founder - Friends & Brgrs

Mac Baren Tobacco Company

D. 03/02/2017

Mac Baren Tobacco Company

Mac Baren Tobacco Company has got 100% targeted displays for border shops, produced by Sander Design, the display solutions are exclusive. They contain screens with commercials that bring great attention.

Marketing Coordinator Michael Kløcker from Mac Baren Tobacco Company tells us about the display solution: "We contacted several display companies, but chose Sander Design because they seemed professional, were good at findings creative solutions to our presentation, and also the price was competitive. The cooperation regarding the development of the 5 varieties of displays that we offer the stores, has been very good. Sander Design measured the stores themselves, and mounted the display solutions as well. I think that's a good service and a professional handling. "

Reflection on display solutions

Display solutions are already implemented in both Fleggaard, Calle, Priss and Fakta Germany, and it demonstrates a solution that works. In addition to the 5 size variations, the solution has been further refined in some stores to fit 100%. All solutions have LED lights under shelves and expose the Mac Bar, Opal rolling tobacco, cigarette paper and rolling machine.

Michael Kløcker, Marketing Coordinator of Mac Baren Tobacco Company


D. 03/02/2017


In our market - lighting - it is very important that we follow the trend. Sander Design has fully met our expectations regarding inventory development and we have received many positive feedback on the black and white fixtures they have developed and produced for us.

As a supplier and partner, Sander Design has proven capable of always managing both small and large tasks very satisfactorily.

In addition to Sander Design's development, design and production in-house, we also enjoy the ability to handle the storage function. We have outsourced our inventory inventory to Sander Design. This collaboration has saved man hours and storage space with us. We have also minimized transport damage to our inventory, as shipments are always packaged properly.

Bente Sunds, Sales Manager at Philips Consumer Luminaires Denmark - Massive Lighting A/S

Premium Pet Products

D. 03/02/2017

Premium Pet Products

Premium Pet Products distributes Norway's most popular cat litter - Ever Clean.
Ever Clean is delivered on pallets and often has no fixed location in the stores. John Magne Kibsgaard, Sales Manager from Premium Pet Products wanted to change that; "We know Ever Clean is the best product on the market, and therefore it deserves a great location in the stores. We therefore entered into a partnership with Sander Design, so we could develop a display solution with them. "

135 stores have the display solution

Already 135 stores has the display with Ever Clean cat litter. Including Dyrego Zoo, which is located on the 4th floor in the shopping center "Oslo City". The location is remarkable, because customers have to carry the heavy boxes down from the 4th floor again. In spite of that, the store sells 3 tons of cat litter per year, and the display solution has increased sales by more than 15%.

Monica Lien, Market Manager for Ever Clean - Premium Pet Products

Søndergades Optik

D. 03/02/2017

Søndergades Optik

Customers come in to my shop and comment positively on our new wall displays, saying that the glasses are presented exclusively and beautifully - they also get a clear impression of all the many variations and models of glasses.

My wish was a display solution with a completely new and different look. My decorator started the project by drawing the solution by hand - she is highly skilled in creating things according to my wishes. When she presented the design, I said GO. We produced some really nice wall-mounted racks in concrete and frosted glass for our glasses, at CompoTech. Especially the new designers, combine colors and shapes, and I wanted that to be highlighted - the glasses are now presented bright and exclusive.

When we first received the displays, there were some minor corrections and adjustments - they were quickly changed and one week after the first delivery, the new display were mounted and the shop complete.

The people who mounted the displays were so professional and friendly.

Mette Weinell - Owner of Søndergade Optik


D. 03/02/2017


We had a great need to show our customers the products in a realistic environment, as well as make a solution that had not been seen before.

My team and I drew some sketches of how we wanted the solution to end up, and handed them over to Sander Design. On a very simple basis, their graphic designers made a nice and detailed presentation in 3D. We finished the last details and quickly a prototype was ready for review and production approval. The cooperation with Sander Design has been incredibly professional throughout the entire process, where we have met good sparring and close dialogue. The solution we sought was developed into something extraordinary. Now we are looking forward to measuring the impact of our new solutions.

Søren Nybo - Category and Market Manager - STARK


D. 03/02/2017


Sander Design videreudviklede et eksisterende display system, så det blev fleksibelt og samtidig til en yderst konkurrencedygtig pris. Det giver god mening for Urtekram International A/S.

Urtekram International A/S er Skandinaviens største økologiske grossist. Urtekram sælger og markedsfører økologiske produkter under egne brands; Urtekram og Nutana og distribuerer derudover en lang række økologiske produkter. Produkterne sælges i hele detailkæden i Danmark, Sverige og Finland, og det er her displaysystemerne fra Sander Design skaber mersalg. Sander Design gjorde displaysystemet fleksibelt

Urtekram havde i en årrække anvendt et solidt, og fastmonteret ¼-palle display. Det var forholdsvis dyrt og ikke muligt at tilpasse til den enkelte butik. Da Sander Design henvendte sig med et nyt løsningsforslag med hylder, der kunne flyttes, så det passede til den enkelte butik, og løsningen samtidig var billigere end det eksisterende system, var det ikke svært at beslutte sig.

Nemt at flytte rundt

Urtekrams displaysystem er et enkelt, stabilt og modulært ¼-palle display i metal. Systemet er skruet fast til en 1/4 palle, så det let kan fragtes rundt imellem butikkerne og flyttes i den enkelte butik. De forskellige hylder gør det muligt at sætte displayet sammen efter behov, let og brugervenligt. Den robuste udformning i metal giver displayet lang levetid og mulighed for at eksponere tunge varer.

Kristian Bundgaard, Trade Marketing Assistent hos Urtekram